hey lovers!

i've decided to move the amourette homepage to my normal email and blogging account so that its easier to contact and reply to my lovely amourette ladies.

please change links etc and follow


little update on what's been going on:

i'll be finishing exams in under a month's time and with summer coming along i'll be making plenty more dresses in lovely cottons and seersucker fabrics to deal with the aussie heat. i'm thinking about doing another camberwell market stall but am not sure at the moment. the last time i held one in february with a girlfriend and since i was only starting out, sold my dresses for $30-40. i figured since it was a market/bargaining setting, $50 was asking too much. but considering how inflated prices are for vintage, i think $50 for a cute, well-made frock is reasonable. what do you reckon? would you pay $50 for these dresses in a market environment? leave a comment at the new blog to let me know and i'll contemplate booking another stall so i can meet all my lovelies! i say lovely way too much don't i? anywho see you on the flip side!

xx amie



Fits size 8-10, $50 + postage anywhere in the world.



Sold! :) More prints coming soon!


it's only a trick


i wanna be your lover



new projects

anybody else revel in the awesome 50% discount lincraft sale? i did! i was like a kid in a candy store at the CBD lincraft in melbourne. i was toppling over with the billions of rolls of fabric i was holding. anyway thought i'd let you know i am working on several more dresses, and getting swatches ready for autumn/winter and how to translate the peekaboo heart into a more weather friendly feature. here are some previews!


SOLD: lisbon sisters

SOLD OUT. Won't be making any more in this fabric as I can no longer source it! =(


snow white

Up for auction on eBay: take a bite from the poison apple



edie $35

cha cha $35

sandra dee $35